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John Kacmarcik  
Bass guitar, Guitar and vocals:
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John started his musical career in the 60's playing a wide variety of music at a young age with good friend and guitarist extraordinaire, Tom Kozic.  He got into country music very early when he first heard Chet Atkins.  ($1.99 album at Woolworth's!)  John made the switch from guitar to bass in the early 70's when he was hired by button box accordionist Joe Wolfer.  (bought first bass (Sekova) at a pawn shop in Allentown for $40)  Mr. Kacmarcik has played with many area bands over the years. Joe Wolfer passed away a few years ago and is greatly missed!  After leaving the Partytime/Kool Beanz era in 2000, John thought he'd test the waters in the freelance department of the business and enjoyed playing with different bands until he was the first round draft pick and signed a 5 year deal with the Cramer Brothers Band in 2001 which ended on 28-Aug-2006.  John worked with THE NEW GROOVE featuring Emmit Harris and with Twitty Fever/Branson Fever for 6+ years.  Presently, John is working with, The TIM GILLIS BAND, Sidekicks Duo & Trio, Two Hits and a Miss, Sidekicks Band, Lucy Simms & The Band Jumpers and many freelance situations!

Johnny K He has worked with Nicole Donatone, The Cramer Brothers Band, Donna Parsons, Phoenix and with Tom Kozic & Carl Hittner  He also has worked with Cookin', Partytime, CMA Horizon Award winner Karen Taylor Good, Jerry Jaye, hit recording Artist Lenny Welch, Late Nite Rodeo, Ronnie Rinard & The Shadows and The Sounds of Nashville.  John has also written many songs, some alone but most with good friend and musical genius Craig Kastelnik of KATO.  Recording is also a part of John's career and he has recorded on a CD project for Tom Kozic and also on a demo project for Brittany at The Menagerie Recording Studio in Saylorsburg, PA.  Recorded at DAN'S HOUSE STUDIO a few times with Steve Brosky. (Demo, Get Ready project & Chronicles) There's also 'New Groove' CD!  Tracy Unangst at Pete Helffrich Recording Labs back in the 1980's.  What may surprise many people is that John's favorite singer and artist of all time is Frank Sinatra!  He has seen Frank in person 18+ times and has been collecting Sinatra memorabilia since the 1970's!

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