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Audio Clips

Vocal Sample:

Click On The Song Title To Listen To The mp3 file!

I had to piece these songs together from scratch from MANY wav files!!
I'm grateful to finally have a version of this CD with my bass parts in! Thanx!

CBB year #1
Cramer Brother Band Clips

San Antonio Rose
(Bass & BG Vocal) (1,433KB)
He Stopped Loving Her Today
(Bass) (767KB)
Write This Down
(Bass & BG Vocal) (476KB)
Rock My Baby
(Bass & JK Vocal) (766KB)

Steve Brosky 'n' His Big Little Band Clips
Good Mornin' Lil' School Girl
(Bass) (500KB)
Stir It Up
(Bass) (1.09MB)
Coupe Deville
(Bass) (912KB)
Unchain My Heart
(Bass) (532KB)