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Somewhere in the dark, your memories are fading away.  Under the bed. Up in the attic. Out in the garage.  Somewhere thereís a box of home movies youíre hoping to treasure forever.  But they're fading fast.  Captured on camcorder videotape, those priceless moments are disappearing Ė victims of heat, humidity and the years themselves.

Somewhere in your house is a box or drawer full of videotapes aging home movies full of birthdays, dance recitals, holiday gatherings, a child's first steps and other special family moments.
You haven't watched the movies in years but, unfortunately, the years are still taking their toll.  Heat, humidity and improper storage cause videotapes to deteriorate, decaying the magnetic particles that represent your precious family memories.  By converting those old VHS tapes to digital form, you can effectively stop the deterioration in its tracks.


We'll master a standard NTSC DVD for you from your video tape.
Your 2 to 6 hour tape will be copied to a top quality Taiyo-Yuden DVD!

Your DVD will be a direct copy of your video tape.
Your original is returned along with your backup copy on DVD.
Your DVD comes in a slim jewel case. (Custom printing available)
No content restrictions.
We can also repair damaged tapes and copy them to DVD!
* We also do PAL conversions! *

Preserve your precious memories permanently on DVD
Over time, videotapes degrade as does the quality of the events recorded on them.
By transferring your videotaped occasions to high-quality, long-lasting DVDs,
you can relive your special memories for a lifetime

A high-quality, DVD of your family memories also makes a great gift idea!

Also! LPís & Cassettes to CDs!  $15.00
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"Quality Is Our Most Important Product"

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